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We are a Fully Accredited and Internationally Reputable Supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Rest assured that you will get a good return on your investment by trading with us, so why choose us?

  • We are a Fully Accredited & Certified Supplier
  • Our Certificates include ISO, CE, FDA and more
  • We have been in business for years & counting
  • All our goods are insured for damages, theft and fire
  • At Devco Supplies, we build relationships that the longest time possible

Benefit from our Certified Products, Affordable Rates and Quality Service and place your orders with us now. Offers available while stocks lasts!

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Our Products

Click on the respective links below to get details of the produc(s) that you are insterested in ordering from us. Request for a quote and get feedback from us within 2 hours during office hours

Medical Gloves

Devco Supplies a leading supplier of Certified Nitrile Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Latex Gloves and much more

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Surgical Face Masks

Certified 3 Ply, ASTM Level 3 Face Mask with earloop and premium breathability features available for immediate orders

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Safety Face Masks

Assorted FFP1, FFP3, FFP2 Safety Masks available at the most competitive prices. They include 3M 1860, N95. Best rates

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Hand Sanitizer

Certified waterless hand sanitizers tested and proven to kills a minimum 99.99% of bacteria. Available in multiple sizes

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Protective Clothing

Explore our wide range of Premium Hospital Clothing that come in various colours and sizes. They include aprons and shoe covers

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Meltblown Fabric

Medical Grade Non Woven Fabric with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of 99% and a Particulate Filtration Efficiency of 95%

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Who Buys our products

Our products are very much sought after because of their outstanding quality and affordable prices and this explains why we keep expanding worldwide.

  • Resellers

    If your comapny is in search of a reputable supplier that can meet their needs which assuring that a good return in your investment.

  • Brokers

    Do you have buyers lined up and waiting for good deal from you to order? We are definitelythe answer you have been looking for and beyond.

  • Hospitals

    During the years, we have reached out and met the needs of clinics, medical institutions and hospitals at the most affordable rates.

  • Organisations

    Are you a local or international organisation looking forward to quell a pandemic such as Covid 19? We could definitely be of assistance.


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Our products have a huge range of uses and have been used effectively with a success across all platforms. We are more than proud to offer unparalleled products in terms of quality and price.